Interviewing, writing, promoting, passing on cultural lifestyles, developing human resources, public speaking, serving as a lay Buddhist priest. Sahashi is talented in all of these areas, and it is impossible to come up with a single title for her.
She has an endless amount of curiosity and energy and continues to travel freely both domestically and internationally. When she worked as a journalist after World War II, she met The 14th Dalai Lama and the King of Nepal. “Active seeker” may be the best description for her.
The network of elderly people of which she is the president has grown nationwide. Sahashi has renovated her home so that it will accommodate 40 people. The salon events, which are held regularly, are always packed, and her personality is the main reason for this.
When she was a student, she worked at an arsenal factory as part of the wartime labor mobilization program. That factory was bombed severely, and half of her classmates lost their lives. The horrific sight she saw immediately after she walked out of the air-raid shelter left her speechless.
In recent company training programs, she sighed over how the future looks for new employees who are weaker and more standardized. In the retirement workshops, she showed concern for life after retirement for male employees in which they will be overwhelmed by the ability of their wives to take action. It appears that it will be a long time before Sahashi, who continues to deliver pep talks, will have any spare time.

Keijo Sahashi

Sahashi was born in Aichi Prefecture on September 2, 1930. After graduating from Aichi Prefectural University, she worked for The Chunichi Shimbun. In 1963, she founded the Idea Bank, an all-female company. In 1976, she became a Buddhist priest after she became severely ill. In 1984, she won the Japan Essayist Club Award for her book Ojiisan no Daidokoro. She is now brainstorming ideas for her 50th book. She ran the Yamanakako marathon for the 10th time, becoming the oldest woman to finish the race.

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